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How To Quit Smoking
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Queer Quit Tips
Set a Quit Date. Make sure it is within the next 30 days.

Call your friends. Tell them you are going to quit and ask for their support.

Make it hard to get and smoke a cigarette. Wrap your pack in rubber bands. Don't buy tobacco. Throw your cigarettes away.

Switch hands. If you smoke with your right hand, try smoking with your left.

Switch brands.

Smoke fewer cigarettes per day or take smaller puffs.

If you break down and have a cigarette, don't worry! It takes several attempts for most people to successfully quit! The average is 7 attempts.

Queer Slip Tips
Slips are normal. Don't beat yourself up or give up. Think about the victory at hand.

Trying Counts! Every quit is worthwhile. You have lived tobacco free you can do it again. Keep trying. You've got the power to be victorious!

Forgive yourself. So you screwed up. We do it at one time or another. Don't give into feelings of guilt, weakness or failure. Instead, applaud yourself for every tobacco free moment.

Think about what triggered the slip. Why did you turn to tobacco? Look at the big picture and rework your plan to prepare for that same trigger situation in the future.

Don't deprive yourself. Reward yourself. Feeling deprived might drive you to using again. Congratulate yourself instead and give yourself another, more healthful reward. You deserve it.

Try, try again.
  1. Throw out any tobacco you may have.
  2. Pick up where you left off and remind yourself how far you've come.
  3. If your slips are frequent see help from others.
Commit to quit! The longer you go with out cigarettes the easier it is. Every tobacco-free moment is a victory! Go for it!

Check out these links to help you quit.

A 1999 house-hold based survey found that 48.5% of gay and bisexual men reported smoking. The national average for straight men is 28.6%.
Start planning your event! It's easy, it's fun and it's important!