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LGBT Tobacco Advertising & History
American Spirit Advertisement  
(Owned by R.J. Reynolds) Advertised in Out Magazine and The Advocate in 2003. Note the rainbow colors around the red circle on the front pack.

Camel Advertisement  
Gay Pride Bar Sponsors

Catch A Buz  
This ad ran in Canada.

Marlboro Advertisement  
January 2003. The first anti-tobacco ad ever to run in Out Magazine and The Advocate.

Parliament Advertisements  
The same Parliament Lights ad, but in two different publications in the same month. Notice the addition of the man in the Out Magazine.

Phillip Morris Letter  
Out Magazine 2000. Notice how they use the words Diversity, Sexual Orientation, HIV/AIDS.

Virginia Slims Advertisements  
Virginia Slims Advertisements (2)  

1992 Benson & Hedges Special Kings ad in Genre was the first tobacco ad in a gay publication.

1994 Benson & Hedges broadened the campaign to Out and other tobacco brands followed.

1994 Virginia Slims targeted lesbians with carefully worded ads and sexually ambiguous imagery.

1995 Parliament Light's "coded" ads appear in Out. They feature traditional male/female ads from Rolling Stone, Penthouse, Interview and other magazines were rendered sexually ambiguous by the computer graphic addition of a third person in the ads when they appeared in Out.

1999 Top ad categories in gay newspapers: classified, bars and clubs, special events, HIV treatments, tobacco and alcohol. Top ad categories in Out magazine: tobacco, alcohol, HIV treatments, arrangements to sell life insurance (source: Mike Wilke, Gay Financial Network). Information gathered by Perry Stevens: .

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