The Gay American Smoke Out is an opportunity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) individuals to challenge themselves to quit smoking. It is also an opportunity for LGBT organizations to provide resources for quitting and host fun events to raise awareness about tobacco use.



Nearly every anti-smoking campaign has ignored the LGBT community - yet the LGBT community has the highest rate of smoking than any other minority population. (NY Times, December 21, 1999).

About 56% of lesbians are current or former smokers compared with 36% of women in general.

A 1999 house-hold based survey found that 48.5% of gay and bisexual men reported smoking! The national average for straight men is 28.6%.

The CDC reported in their Youth Risk Behavior Survey that a whopping 59% of teenagers that classified themselves as LGBT reported using tobacco. The national average for straight teens is 35%.

A recent survey of the transgender community in San Francisco suggests that smoking may be highly prevalent
in this community, however more research is needed.

To counter high prevalence rates of tobacco use among the LGBT community, awareness and culturally relevant anti-smoking messages and intervention services must be initiated. The Gay American Smoke Out is an easy and low-cost project to adopt.