We Hate Cancer. Period

Over the years we have had too many friends and family develop the disease. From breast cancer to Hodgkin’s many have beat cancer – some have not. Each time we are made aware of someone with cancer we get angry. We find it frustrating that there is not a cure and want to do something to help. Last year we came up with a couple of products for cancer patients to help them through their treatments. Now – we have created a whole line of products to help the ones we love fight cancer with a vengeance. Of course this product line is also meant for showing support by caregivers, partners, family and friends.

Our products are meant to empower! We say Fuck Cancer! Granted we use a naughty curse word, but we feel it is the perfect word to use when battling cancer. Cancer deserves no other word than Fuck. It is the ultimate curse word!

Join us in our efforts to eradicate cancer from planet earth! We will donate a portion of the sales proceeds from this site to select cancer patients and organizations who strive to fuck cancer through research and cancer prevention awareness.

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.

We hate cancer!