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Cigarette Smoking Among Gay and Bisexual Men
An abstract of a study that measured the prevalence of cigarette smoking among gay men and identified associations with smoking, such as greater AIDS-related losses.

Ethical Funding for LGBT Organizations  
The Ethics of Tobacco, Alcohol, & Pharmaceutical Funding
A Practical Guide for LGBT Organizations

Gay Adults Willing to Pay Extra for Smoke-free Bars and Clubs  
When asked in a recent survey whether or not they would prefer smoke-free bars and clubs, 59 percent of adults nationwide, including those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, said they preferred a smoke-free environment.

Gay Health: Smoke Out Article
The first Gay American Smoke-Out event raises awareness in the LGBT communities and provides support to those looking to give the habit up.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Forum
Little research documents the prevalence of tobacco use among the LGBT population, but preliminary studies reveal the increased vulnerability of these people.

Gay Teens and Smoking  
According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gay teens are significantly more likely than straight teens to engage in high-risk behaviors.

Lesbians and Gays Face Tobacco Targeting  
Although alcohol companies have courted lesbian and gay consumers for decades, only recently have tobacco companies followed suit.

Philip Morris to Push Brand on Gay Media  
The Wall Street Journal reported when conservative industry giant Philip Morris started actively marketing its Benson & Hedges brand to homosexuals in 1992.

Smoking Among Lesbians, Gays and BisexualsA Review of Literature  
This review of the LGBT literature compiles statistics on smoking prevalence and compares them with general population estimates.

Smoking Cessation Interventions in San Francisco's Queer Communities  
QueerTIPs explicitly addresses issues unique to LGBT smokers who are trying to quit, and in each session provides clear cessation guidelines.

Smoking Gun: Project SCUM
Tobacco industry documents expose an R.J. Reynolds marketing plan targeting gays and homeless people in San Francisco. Its name: Project SCUM.

Smoking, HIV Infection and Gay Men in the United States  
This study reveals a higher prevalence of smoking among homosexual men but finds no firm associations between smoking and HIV-associated morbidity.

Talking Points for LGBT Audiences  
This list of quotations from sources as diverse as the San Francisco Weekly and Healthy Pet encourage smoking prevention.

Tobacco Smoking and HIV Disease  
Studies show that secondary smoke harms nonsmokers regardless of their HIV status and that smoking is associated with a higher risk of HIV infection.

Ways the Tobacco Industry Targets Lesbians and Gays  
Perry Stevens lists examples of direct and indirect advertising as well as sponsorships and promotions that target the LGBT community.

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